This website is an online, searchable version of the guide created by Education Justice Project (EJP). It was built by volunteers for the Illinois Reentry Guide Initiative (IRGI) and Chi Hack Night, with input from formerly-incarcerated people.

As you use this site, please know that EJP and IRGI do not endorse the resources listed here, nor do we have the capacity to ensure all the information is accurate and current. We understand some services may not be helpful to all, but we hope you will find those that suit your needs.

There are a number of predatory services out there, and we ask you to be wary of any you may encounter. If there are any you would like to report, or if there is any information or feedback you would like to offer regarding services, we would be grateful if you contacted us to let us know. Your input is appreciated and vital and may determine which services are found on our website.

Reentry is a difficult transition, and we encourage you to be resilient as well as patient.