A group of EJP students at the May 2018 Convocation Awards ceremony

Thank you for your interest in becoming an EJP member!

There are three main ways to join our work:

  • Become a member of our Reentry Guide Initiative
  • Teach with EJP at Danville Correctional Center
  • Intern in the EJP office

You’ll find information about each opportunity below.

Reentry Guide Initiative

Help us produce our reentry guides and other resources! About twenty RGI members participate in different aspects of guide production–including research, writing, editing, outreach, and distribution.

RGI accepts applications on a rolling basis. Prison clearance is not required. We especially seek members with personal connection to incarceration and reentry. The application form provides detailed information about RGI.

College-in-Prison Program at Danville Correctional Center

Our college-in-prison program is at the heart of everything else we do. It consists of 12 different initiatives at Danville Correctional Center. Individuals interested in working with EJP must apply to a specific initiative or program; you are welcome to apply to more than one.

Please note that the state currently requires EJP members who are involved with our Danville programs to be vaccinated and boosted.

What do we look for in candidates? We seek maturity of purpose and an understanding of the social and historic contexts of our work. We seek members who are comfortable working with diverse student populations, in terms of demographics and academic background, and have strong social skills. Flexibility is important, as is ability and willingness to support other EJP members in our shared work. It’s important to be willing to follow prison rules and regulations.

EJP for-credit course instructors must have the same qualifications that would be necessary to teach the course on the Urbana-Champaign campus. In most cases, that is a terminal degree or ABD (“All But Dissertation”) status. Other programs require that applicants possess a bachelor’s degree or specialized knowledge.

How to Apply

We accept applications twice each year, in spring and fall. Each EJP program has its own application form, which can be accessed here. If you cannot find the form you are looking for, please contact the EJP office at 217.300.5150 or info@educationjustice.net.

Each program has its own selection committee. If the members of a given selection committee decide to pursue your application, they’ll contact you to schedule an interview. (If not, they’ll be in touch to explain that they have elected not to interview you.) During the interview, you’ll meet with a small group of current EJP members who will be interested in learning more about you and what leads you to apply to EJP, and in addressing your questions about the program. Please be aware that we always check references before extending an invitation to join EJP.

EJP Internship Program

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student who wants to learn more about the American criminal justice system, prison education, or reentry? Would you like to gain experience in research, fundraising, event planning, or other areas? Are you interested in meeting other people on campus who share your interests? Do you want to make a difference?

Please consider applying to our internship program. We accept applications every fall and spring. Interns work out of the EJP office on campus, not at the prison. Most are currently working virtually. Please contact the EJP office at 217.300.5150 or info@educationjustice.net for information about how to apply.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Most EJP members work with us on a voluntary basis or receive modest stipends. Occasionally, paid positions with EJP become available.

EJP Research Group

We invite participation in EJP’s Research Group, which meets monthly. This group is open to anyone who wishes to discuss works-in-progress that address any aspect of criminal justice and allied topics. There is no application process and all are welcome. Please contact our research coordinator for more information.

EJP Office Volunteers

Would you like to volunteer in the EJP office? Provide support to EJP in other ways?  You might have some ideas about how your skills and interests can be of value to our mission of creating a model, comprehensive college-in-prison program, how they could support our Reentry Guide Initiative, or otherwise support EJP. We’d love to learn more. Please complete EJP’s General Interest Form. We look forward to reading these these year-round.